Cabochons are the most time-intensive, expensive and complicated jewelry that I create. They are also extremely satisfying and rewarding. This is a way to highlight the subtle hues of color and design in the original stone or shell by bead weaving beautiful beads, Swarovski crystals and silver or gold around it, transforming a rather plain piece of natural beauty into a sparkling, vibrant creation of art.

Cabochons are sophisticated, complicated necklaces made with a central stone, shell or glass around which is a bead woven netting. Fringe is added at the bottom and a beaded chain is attached. The variation in stones or shells allows these pieces of jewelry to truly be one of a kind. The colors and styles of beads are adapted to the particular stone and to the preferences of the purchaser.

The initial stone or shell can be very inexpensive ($10-15) such as many agates or abalone shells, or expensive ($100-150) such as some types of jasper. The style, type of beads, and enhancement with silver, gold and Swarovski crystals will affect the cost of the finished piece.

The cabochons are always unique, and colors and styles highlight the specific stone or shell. They are also often designed in a particular style or color depending on the preference of the buyer. These necklaces may be custom made if the buyer has their own stone or wants a specific color or style exhibited here.

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New Additions!
Ocean jasper - "Sedona" Black spider web jasper - "Black Beauty" Ocean jasper - "Angel Dust"
Pink, green and grey agate - "Romance" Green and copper glass - "Autumn" Amethyst sage - "The Sophisticate" Malachite - "Regal Lady" Black and lavender agate - "Midnight Sky"
Amethyst sage Amethyst sage - "Sparkles" "Silk and Satin" Labradorite - "Sea Foam" Purple shell - "Raindance"

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